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Mission : To Encourage Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to Unlock their Potential and Guide them in Improving their Businesses to Achieve the Success.

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We understand the difficulties of Small Scale Industries. Hence We’re equipped with various Quality Tools to help you with appropriate Solutions for your Business needs. Be it Marketing or Management, Production or Packaging. Our Process Approach can help your Business to become more Efficient and Effective.

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In Business Today, What you do not know can hurt you… What you know can mean the difference between Success and Failure. Being Effective in Business depends on ‘Knowing’ a great deal not just about your Customers, but also about yourself. This site is intended to offer the kind of Knowledge required for your Business Growth.

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Customer demands exceptional value through low cost. To compete in a dynamic economy every business needs to prepare for low cost model with high value products. This website aims to offer you the solutions for low cost operating business model.

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The study says, if a team has more than 10 goals to achieve then the chances of achieving the goals are 0%, if a team has goals between 3 to 10 then the chances of achieving is hardly 20%. It is 100% achievable only when the number of goals is less than 3.If you have… Read More

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Every organization has limitation for its growth. Though it takes enormous efforts to improve its profits or sales, the company unable to grow massively after attaining its peak. After this point the improvements are incremental and slower than before. This point is called ‘limitation for growth’. So, is it possible to improve the performance drastically… Read More

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When I read the ‘Theory of Constraints’ concepts, Initially I was not able to understand the term bottleneck and constraints clearly. I hope the same might have happened to you also. So, in this article, I am trying to provide you the definitions, in a simple way to understand it better. please let me know… Read More

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Unless you know someone you can’t find him. Knowing is important to find. This is exactly true when we deal with wastes in any manufacturing process. We focus on improving machine efficiency, introducing new technology, providing training, etc., without understanding what waste is in manufacturing processes. Most of us have this problem. We are surrounded… Read More

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Determining where to focus is key to improvement! The 80/20 rule of the Pareto principle, states 80% of the mistakes created by 20% of the events in any manufacturing or service industries. 20% of the events, observed in the Pareto chart are often found interrelated with other events within the chart. So, to understand the… Read More

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Fear makes us stupid! Dr. Edwards Deming verbalized this concept as once of his 14 management principles as ‘Drive Fear Out of the Organization’ nearly decades ago in his famous book Out of the Crisis. Because the fear creates stress, the very nature of our brain induces thoughtless responses as an outcome of the stress.… Read More

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