Fundamentals of Vision and Mission Statements

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Have you ever seen a Vision and Mission statements hanging on the wall at your workplace? I guess you might have seen it. If so, the following questions might have occurred in your mind;

  1. What are these statements?
  2. What is the difference between them?
  3. How these statements help the organizations?
  4. What am I expected to do on this?

Let’s look at the answers here.

Vision & Mission Statements:

In most of the management system standards’ training the definitions of Vision and Mission statements are given like this, Vision statement is for long term achievement and Mission statement is for short term achievement

However, this is not true.

The Vision statement must include what your company is dreamed of achieving. Though you may not have the resources, capability etc. at this point, it must be your aim to achieve. Vision statement not only states the aim of the management, but it covers the entire business and people who concerned about it.

The Vision statement of many organizations covering only on achieving financial success, but in order to be comprehensive, it must include the commitment of all the key stakeholders and fulfilling their expectations in a short note. For example, a chemical industries’ vision statement may reflect becoming first in the world in terms of its market growth, but it must also consider the environment regulations. So, it may include reducing carbon footprints to minimum level and discharging 100% effluent treated wastes as one of their vision statements.

Ideally, a Vision statement should not be prepared only by Top Management or any Consultant who is employed by the firm. Preparation of Vision statement must include all the employees and their inputs. The thought of vision must go into their hearts. A collective input from all of them and involving them in preparation of vision statement will help the statement to be more accurate and achievable.

Mission statements are neither a short-term plan nor a subset of Vision statement. A Mission statement depicts the purpose of organization in the business they are doing. It typically answers the following questions; Why are we in the business? What are we striving to achieve? What is the difference that we make to our business and the world by establishing this business? What are our values? And What is our Priorities? There are many ways to achieve a Vision. But, defining the best way which suits all the stakeholders is the purpose of Mission statement.

These statements help the organization to move in a direction they want. Otherwise it will be a journey which doesn’t know where it heads. The responsibilities of an employee include aligning himself to the Vision statement of his organization and understanding the mission statements to know the values of the organization for effective contribution.

Simply, the Vision statements states where we want to go, and the Mission statements states how we want to go.

All the best for Having a Successful Business!!!

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