How to Increase Productivity in Service Business?

In service business, the biggest constraint is optimization of resources. A hospital needs to ensure the availability of doctors, nurses, medicines, beds, operation theatres etc. based on the patient’s demand. A restaurant needs to effectively manage their food supply, attendants and even availability of tables to meet their customer demand throughout the day. A maintenance… Read More

How to Understand Sales Pattern in Retail Business?

It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future. – NEILS BOHR, Danish physicist What is Sales Pattern? The sales pattern is a collection of data about the sale of a particular product or group of products in the business for a given period and displaying it graphically to understand it’s behavior. These sales… Read More

‘5 Whys Analysis’ a Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

5Whys Analysis is one of the simple and best tools to identify the root causes of a problem.In this article, we will explore the detailed structure of 5 Whys Analysis, Pre-requisites, Correct usages and its Limitations.  What is the purpose of 5 Whys Analysis? Any problems can be addressed with corrections and corrective actions. While… Read More