MSMEs Major Weaknesses and Remedial Measures

Following are identified as the major weaknesses of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises 

  1. In efficient human factor
  2. Faulty and irregular supply of raw material
  3. Lacl of machinery and equipment 
  4. Absence of credit facilities
  5. Absence of Organized marketing facility
  6. Competition from Large Scale units and imported articles
  7. Old and Orthodox designs
  8. High degree of obsolescence
  9. Substatntial under utilization of capacity varying between 47 to 58 percent.
  10. Not identifying and utilising the resources
  11. Unsuitable Locations etc.

Remedial Measures identified for the above issues are,

  1. Conducting detailed survey of the existing small industries and drawing productive prgrammes for them
  2. Improvement in techniques and adoption of modern technology in these SSI units.
  3. Imparting proper education and training to workers
  4. Regular supply of inputs at reasonable rates
  5. Adequate credit arrangements
  6. Provision for cheap and regular supply of electricity
  7. Effective marketing managements like sales depot and exhibitions
  8. Conducting research on the techniques of production
  9. Maintaining standard and the quality of production
  10. Supportive environment and encouragement to proceed with innovative ideas

Reference: Growth of SSI in India by Brindpreet Kaur



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