Quality Control for Small Business

A Small Business has many turnarounds in its lifetime, one of the important task is addressing the teething quality issues arising from a lack of experience. Many entrepreneurs whom I have seen has one thing in common. Not worrying about the mistakes, they make. While it is a good sign on initiative front, one that deeply concerns me is, not capturing the lessons they have learnt in their business in a very hard way. When I asked them, where are those mistakes? how do you capture it? what is your action for the failure? there answers would be normally negative. I am aware that they are very busy in developing their business, but that should not be at the cost of giving least priority to quality. When they get a good number of orders, I have seen them running for help towards addressing their quality issues, where it could have been averted by taking controls at the beginning.

Do not Create a separate Quality Control department in your business, it is a self-suicidal activity, as quality to be corrected at the source. Each one in the business and manufacturing responsible for providing quality. By creating a separate dept., you shift the responsibility to others. You may certainly have someone responsible for measurements and auditing but not for quality control. I will explain this in detailed manner in a separate blog post.                  

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