Basics of Business

‘A dissatisfied customer does not complain; he just switches’ – Oliver Beck

arrows box business chalk

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The basics of business are neither rocket science nor something that can be easily understandable. There are no well-defined theory to be called as the basics. In a dynamic and vast changing economy, it has to be understood comprehensively.

The basics has many dimensions; defining quality, setting the context, identifying the risks, understanding the customer requirements, planning, controlling the process, monitoring and measuring the output, continual improvements are few.

But, how these basics can be well defined so that it can be understood by anyone?

How to relate these basics to our regular work?

What should we do to integrate the principles in the business?

Where we are as far as the implementation is concerned?

These questions needs answers to the core. It is my best interest to answer with appropriate examples and practical lessons.

Stay here to know more…

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