How to Win Sales using Empathic Listening?

In this article, we are going to learn about empathic listening and using it in business communication to win the sales deal effectively. Communication is the most important skill in life. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are forms of communication. Out of these four types, one of the best forms of communication is listening. The… Read More


How to Control Employee Turnover and Maintain Retention?

Employee turnover (leaving an organization) in small businesses is a painful event specifically when the business is down. It further intensifies it when the processes and outcomes of the business depend only on the key employees and their experience. If you think you know why your employees leaving your business, then it is the right… Read More


How to Increase Sales without Advertising?

There are three simple but effective principles that need to be followed in small businesses in order to increase your sales without any money spent on advertising. Choose Best Strategy There are many businesses in the world that don’t have any decisive competitive strategy or edge. However, these businesses are surviving in the current environment… Read More

Lean Business Tips #55 – Implement Full Kitting

“Full kitting is the process of clarifying requirements, getting sign-offs, the staging of materials, etc. before the initiation of tasks.” – Goldratt Usually, the activities that allow tasks to be done without interruptions are included in the full kit list. A doctor and her team performing the medical treatment in an operation theatre without checking… Read More